Villa Capri: Top to bottom residential refurbishment of a 1970s house.

Commenced April 2020, completed December 2021.

Just before the first Covid lockdown in Jersey, K-Land won the tender for a complete refurbishment of a 1970s house, Villa Capri. It was an ambitious renovation, with balconies on each floor and the addition of a new third floor with balcony and new roof.

We were ready to start in April 2020 with a full team on site when the Pandemic and subsequent Covid restrictions meant we had to apply for a permit to keep the site open and work progressing.

For the first few weeks, only two members of the team were allowed on site. This then increased to a maximum of 10; involving significant logistical challenges. The project team created a rota, detailing exactly who came on site and when so that we could ensure there were never more than 10 subcontractors and staff. This meant that we had the right people onsite at the right time, and complied with the law. The additional health and safety measures to keep the workforce and site Covid-free added even more complexity.

The building merchants and suppliers were also on low staff and there were material shortages which meant that the project took longer to complete than usual – but the results were worth it. The client also contracted a UK-based interior designer and other subcontractors – usually we work with local companies – but it was very important to the client to keep the work progressing. Each time the UK contractors travelled from the UK for onsite meetings, we had to apply to the Government for exemption from isolating.

Villa Capri was finished just in time for Christmas, 2021, complete with a new third floor built and a new roof. Dedication and commitment kept the work moving forward during one of the most challenging periods in recent history.

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